Blog? What blog?

Wow, has it been awhile! Sorry for the delay, we’ve had a lot going on! We got engaged (yayyyyy!!!!) and then the whole Thanksgiving thing and now we’re getting into Christmas and soon it’s going to be New Years & 2012 and then the world is going to end ZOMG!!! Just kidding about the world ending, we’ve already survived a few raptures I think we’re good. Anyway …

In the interest of being good bloggers, I wanted to share a journey with you. A journey of organization and homeying up our little basement apartment. You see, we are basically renting a tiled & drywalled box with a bedroom & a bathroom & a pretty sweet laundry situation (aka: FREE & FUNCTIONAL!!). And a fireplace. And an updated kitchen. Okay, so maybe it’s a little nicer than just a box. We’ve already painted and have been very careful about our decorating style & choices, making sure everything we do will benefit the space and open it up more. We painted our dining room table white since it’s in a dark corner, we painted a wall peanut buttery (even though it looks orangey in these pictures for some reason) to warm up the living space, we put mirrors up to make it seem bigger, you get the idea. Another thing we’ve tried to focus on is defining the living and dining space, since it’s an open floorplan. Our furniture is arranged to define a living room, which also boasts an area rug (thanks Target!). Now it’s time to show our “dining room” some love. The one thing we don’t own or have space for is a China cabinet. So, we got ambitious and decided to create our own version that would fit our space. I’ll take a custom China cabinet any day!

My parents are downsizing and gave us this amazing little wine rack/table thing from Pier 1. It’s silvery wrought iron design with a rattan surface that makes up the table. Not only does it have space for a gazillion wine bottles, it’s very clean looking and very cafe like which is kind of what we’re going for in the dining room. Here’s a photo:

I was amazed at how perfectly it fit the small space we have! And just LOOK at how many wine bottles I have yet to buy!!! Very fun. So this will serve as the bottom part of our modular China cabinet. The bottom shelf will eventually be outfitted with small baskets to keep things in. Next on our list was to FINALLY buy some shelving to use up the space on that wall and give me a place to put stuff! I’ve been wanting shelves since we moved in last April, so you can imagine my excitement when we went to Ikea for some small glass jars on a day that just happened to be right after payday. After standing in the Home Organization section for about 20 minutes, we finally went with black iron brackets and white shelves to tie in the white form the dining set & the black from the mirror frame & the bookshelves housing our beer & wine glasses. Here’s a rough draft of how it will look:

I swear the shelves are perfectly level, apparently I was falling over when I took this picture. This is the preliminary set up. The second shelf will go just above Santa’s head so that we can still put stuff up there like decorative plates & candles and you’ll still be able to see them. I think it already adds some much needed height & depth to the room! Now, you may be wondering why we didn’t put the second shelf up. We didn’t get lazy or quickly loose our inspiration, oh no. Nothing like that. Nope, we got home and realized we only bought 2 brackets, when it actually takes 4 brackets to put up 2 shelves. Heyoooooo! Nobody’s perfect, right? And after all, that just means another trip to our favorite place 🙂

So that’s all for now. I’ll post a picture of the final product after said trip is made!


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